"The way forward for anyone who struggles with reading or writing - a truly effective and enjoyable way to overcome the difficulties associated with dyslexia"

Initial Screening

We always precede our course with an initial screening, using parts of the Aston Index and the SWRT and SWST Reading and Spelling Tests.  This is mainly for the purposes of the Connective Learning programme and tells us:

  • Whether help is indeed needed
  • Particular areas of strength and weakness
  • Reading and spelling ages
  • Whether a coloured computer screen will be helpful and, if so, the best colours to suit the student (see also http://www.irlenuk.com/about-irlen-syndrome.htm ).

The information obtained enables analysis of the student's methods, traits and difficulties and informs our decisions on how best to tailor the programme to their individual needs.  

The screening usually takes about an hour and is followed by verbal feedback of our findings. If the learning programme is of interest, this can then be demonstrated and tried. In total, about 2 hours should be allowed.

The screenings we carry out are mainly for the purposes of our programme and also flag up the probability of dyslexia.  If a diagnosis and a detailed written report is required a fuller type of assessment will need to be carried out by a specialist assessor or an Educational Psychologist. Their assessment takes much longer and is more wide-ranging. This type of assessment can be arranged through the British Dyslexia Association, or Dyslexia Action